How to Conceive a Baby Boy

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In Kenya, there are all sorts of superstitions, myths, misconceptions and outright false statements about conceiving a baby boy. Among some of the craziest advice, I have heard people dish out in Kenya is telling women to go round a tree seven times or to consume certain types of foods. I have also heard bar room jokes where men are advised not to indulge in alcohol if they want to conceive a boy.


There is currently no medical evidence to suggest there is any way to influence the sex of the unborn child. At best, you can go for an ultrasound during the initial weeks of the pregnancy and the doctor can disclose the sex of the baby. This would help you prepare especially with regard to purchasing items of baby clothing. Deciding your baby’s sex is just an old wive’s tale.

However, if you have money to burn, fertility specialists can now identify the sex of embryos. Using the in-vitro fertilization technique, specialists can fertilize a woman’s egg using her husband’s sperm in a test tube. The resulting embryos can be separated by sex and implanted in the woman’s womb. This is the surest way to conceive a baby boy or girl for that matter. In Kenya, many medical clinics are now offering in vitro fertilization, they include;

  • Nairobi IVF Center – Tel LandMark Plaza, Mezzanine floor, Argwings Kordhek Road, Nairobi, Tel/Fax +254 20 2731978/82
  • LifeBridge Baby Center – Mwai Drive, Lower Kabete, Nairobi 1700300100

Tips & Warnings

  • It is unfortunate that in the 21st century, there are still some communities around the world that continue to have a preference for male children. Men should not castigate their partners for failing to give them baby boys. The man’s sperm actually contains the chromosome that is crucial to the conception of a baby boy.


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