7 Fascinating Facts about Facebook

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Computers & Internet | 0 comments

Here are 7 fascinating facts and figures you probably didn’t know about Facebook.

  1. Just about a Third of the World’s 7 Billion Population Has a Facebook Account.
  2. By Internet standards, Facebook is a Granddaddy. It was first introduced to the world in February 2004.
  3. There are more female than male users. Almost 60% of Facebook’ users are female.
  4. More big businesses have a Facebook page than small businesses. 
  5. The most liked Facebook page is Facebook for Every Phone…run by Facebook! It has over 500 million likes.
  6. Facebook Messenger is more often used than Instagram to send photos. 9.5 billion photos are exchanged pass through Messenger monthly.
  7. Most Facebook users do not understand the privacy settings.




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