How to Chat on Facebook without Visiting Facebook

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Computers & Internet | 0 comments

Facebook Messenger is a great way to communicate. It is likely that most of your friends are on Facebook. Messenger allows you to send a message without having to leave Facebook. But, this presents a problem when you want to get some work done but want to be able to communicate using Messenger. As we all know, having Facebook open as you work can be very distracting. Before you know it, you end up reading posts, videos and even posting stuff yourself.

So, how do you use Messenger without having to visit Facebook itself? Well, Facebook recently introduced a Messenger web application. It works the same way as the mobile Messenger application but is accessed by visiting on your computer.

You will need your Facebook account to log in. Once you are logged in you can remain in touch with your friends without having to see your Facebook Timeline.

In addition to sending messages, the web app also allows you to make calls, take videos and pictures, record voice messages and form groups.

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