How To Win Bets on Sportpesa

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Yes, you read that right. There is a scientific way to win bets on Sportpesa and other betting platforms.

Sportpesa and other sport betting platforms such as M-Cheza, Betway etc have taken Kenya by storm. Every week there is a jackpot running into millions of shillings. You can place bets on local soccer matches as well as international matches. Depending on the odds, a savvy gambler can make a killing on sports betting. But, how do you improve your odds of winning bets on Sportpesa, M-Cheza, and the rest? Well, there is actually a scientific way of going about how you place your bets.

Careful Review of League History

History has a way of repeating itself for certain games. Carefully review the history of the league on particular matches and between particular clubs.

Home and Away Records

Some teams play better at home while others play better away. Find out how the team you want to place fares home and away. Also, how has the team performed during bad weather e.g. while raining or snow. This should give you a fairly good indication of how the team you place a bet on will perform.


Only place bets on teams and leagues you understand really well. For example, if you don’t follow the Kenyan premier league religiously, don’t waste your money betting on teams in that league.

Team updates and announcements

Tune in for reports on injuries and suspensions. Will key players be missing on match day? How good are their replacements?

Drive, Motivation, and Schedule

Is the team motivated enough? Are they getting along with their manager/coach? Have some players been overworked? Are they jet-lagged after traveling by air for over five hours? These factors all have the potential to affect the outcome of the match.


Is there a member of the team who is in great form or vice versa? Keep yourself up-to-date with match reports to find out whether certain players are experiencing a rise or fall in their careers.

Quality Bets, Not Quantity

At the end of the day, remember that sports betting is about quality bets and not quantity. Come up with a winning strategy based on the above points and repeat it for all subsequent bets.

Following these tips will improve your probability of winning bets on Sportpesa and other betting platforms.


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