5 Best Paying Careers in Kenya

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Careers & Work | 0 comments

Graduate from university, land that corner office in a swanky area code along Ngong Road and earn some major cheddar. That is the basic overview of the dream for almost every Kenyan University leaver.

Here are the careers you should aim for yourself or child, to ensure this isn’t but a pipe dream:


With a monthly median take home pay of Shs350, 000, no wonder we all wanted to be pilots when we were growing up.


They say that the law is blind. It has no eyes. The monthly take home pay for some of Kenya’s crème lawyers is ten million shillings. Such mind boggling figures though are a reserve for the likes of the ‘Grand Mullah’ Ahmednasir Abdullahi, who have reached the pinnacle of their careers.


Starting salaries are mainly pegged at Shs 100, 000 and rise through time with experience.


Pay packets vary depending on the engineering course but a Civil or Structural engineer can take home a starting salary of 90, 000 bob every month.


A cut throat and crowded career option but those who stick it out and get to the top can take home more than Shs 800, 000 a month.

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