5 Quick Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Hacked

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Hacking is no longer the domain of geeky teenagers with nothing to do the whole day and plenty of spare time on their hands. Rather, it’s morphed into a well-oiled, money minting ‘entrepreneurial’ operation.

Here are 5 quick pointers that will help you avoid being on the ‘I just got hacked’ cautionary tale list.

Use an advanced password

Here is the basic rule of thumb in devising a strong enough password -combine lowercase, uppercase, numbers, punctuation and even a fair amount of gibberish   

It’s also advisable to change passwords regularly and not use the same password for more than one account.

Avoid sharing your personal data on public Wi-Fi

Don’t share any information that you wouldn’t want in the public domain over Wi-Fi-visiting your bank account, sharing revealing photos-unless you are using virtual private networks which encrypt your traffic. 

Don’t click on suspicious emails

Make sure you authenticate the sender’s identity before opening any email received.

Don’t click on links to unknown sites

These links might be an attempt at phishing (Phishing Description) or may lead to insecure or malware infected sites 

Try to avoid the cloud

Do not, if you can help it, store personal or revealing information on the cloud. Remember after deleting files on your computer to delete them on the cloud if they are saved there as well.

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