Egyptian Police Kills Man after Dispute over a Cup of Tea

by | Apr 28, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Police brutality is something many Kenyans will be well familiar with; Egyptian police though have taken this vice to farcical extremes:

There was chaos in the Egypt’s capital, Cairo, following the shooting dead of a tea vendor by a policeman in the eastern suburb of Rehab.

The genesis of this surreal killing, that left two other people injured, was occasioned by the policeman’s displeasure at being charged what he perceived to be an exorbitant price for his cup of tea.

The policeman is now in custody and has had his case referred to Egyptian prosecutors.

Egyptian policemen, it seems, are no stranger to falling back on their guns to hash out petty disagreements; in February, a policeman reportedly shot dead a driver on the street following an argument over taxi fare.

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