List of Approved Collective Investment Schemes in Kenya

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According to Investopedia, “a collective investment fund or scheme is a fund that is operated by a trust company or a bank and handles a pooled group of trust accounts. Collective investment funds combine the assets of various individuals and organizations to create a larger, well-diversified portfolio“.

The following is a list of approved collective investment schemes in Kenya:

  1. African Alliance Kenya Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of: 
    • African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund,
    • African Alliance Kenya Fixed Income Fund
    • African Alliance Kenya Managed Fund
    • African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund. 
  2. British-American Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • British-American Money Market Fund
    • British-American Income Fund
    • British-American Balanced Fund
    • British-American Managed Retirement Fund
    • British-American Equity Fund
  3. Stanlin (Stanbic Unit Trust Scheme), comprising of:
    • Stanlib Money Market Fund
    • Stanlib Fixed Income Fund
    • Stanlib Managed Prudential Fund
    • Stanlib Equity Fund
    • Stanlib Balanced Fund 
  4. Commercial Bank of Africa Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • Commercial Bank of Africa Money Market Fund
    • Commercial Bank of Africa Equity Fund
  5. Zimele Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • Zimele Balanced Fund
    • Zimele Money Market Fund 
  6. ICEA Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • ICEA Money Market Fund
    • ICEA Equity Fund
    • ICEA Growth Fund
    • ICEA Bond Fund 
  7. Standard Investment Trust Funds, comprising of:
    • Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund
    • Standard Investment Fixed Income Fund
    • Standard Investment Balanced Fund 
  8. CIC Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • CIC Money Market Fund
    • CIC Balanced Fund
    • CIC Fixed Income Fund
    • CIC Equity Fund 
  9. Madison Asset Unit Trust Funds, comprising of:
    • Madison Asset Equity Fund
    • Madison Asset Balanced Fund
    • Madison Asset Money Market Fund
    • Madison Asset Treasury Bill Fund
    • Madison Asset Bond Fund. 
  10. Dyer and Blair Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • Dyer and Blair Diversified Fund
    • Dyer and Blair Bond Fund
    • Dyer and Blair Money Market Fund
    • Dyer and Blair Equity Fund 
  11. Amana Unit Trust Funds Scheme, comprising of:
    • Amana Money Market Fund
    • Amana Balanced Fund
    • Amana Growth Fund 
  12. Diaspora Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • Diaspora Money Market Fund
    • Diaspora Bond Fund
    • Diaspora Equity Fund 
  13. First Ethical Opportunities Fund (First Community Bank)
  14. Genghis Unit Trust Funds, comprising of:
    • GenCap Hazina Fund
    • GenCap Eneza Fund
    • GenCap Hela Fund
    • GenCap Iman Fund
    • Gencap Hisa Fund 
  15. UAP Investments Collective Investment Scheme comprising of:
    • UAP Money Market Fund
    • UAP High Yield Bond Fund
    • UAP Enhanced Income Fund
    • UAP Dividend Maximizer Fund 
  16. Pan Africa Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • Pan Africa Money Market Fund (Pan Africa Pesa Plus Fund)
    • Pan Africa Dividend Plus Fund (Pan Africa Faida Plus Fund) 
    • Pan Africa Balanced Fund (Pan Africa Chama Plus Fund) 
  17. Nabo Unit Trust Fund, comprising of:
    • Nabo Africa Money Market Fund
    • Nabo Africa Balanced Fund
    • Nabo Africa fixed income Fund
    • Nabo Africa Equity fund 
  18. Old Mutual Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • Old Mutual Equity Fund
    • Old Mutual Money Market Fund
    • Old Mutual Balanced Fund
    • Old Mutual East Africa Fund
    • Old Mutual Bond Fund
  19. Equity Investment Bank Unit Trust Scheme, comprising of:
    • Equity Investment Bank Money Market Fund
    • Equity Investment Bank Balanced Fund

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