List of E-Citizen Services

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Kenyan Citizens and Foreign Residents can now apply for Government to Citizen (G2C) services and pay via mobile money, debit cards, and eCitizen agents.

The following is a list of services offered by eCitizen Kenya:

Registrar of Companies

  1. Business Name Registration
  2. Business Name Search
  3. Single Business Permit
  4. Fire Certificate

Registrar of Marriages

  1. Notice of Marriage
  2. Issuance of a registrar’s certificate
  3. Solemnization of marriage
  4. Issuance of a marriage certificate
  5. Special licenses for marriage
  6. Commissioning of affidavits

National Transport and safety Authority

  1. Provisional Driving License
  2. Driving Test Booking
  3. Interim Driving License
  4. Driving License Renewal (1 Year)
  5. Driving Class Endorsement
  6. Duplicate Driving License
  7. Driving License Information Corrections
  8. New MV Dealers License
  9. New MV Dealers License – Renewal
  10. Second Hand MV Dealers License
  11. Second Hand MV Dealers License – Renewal
  12. KG Plate Application
  13. KG Plate Renewal

Ministry of Lands

  1. Official Search (Nairobi Blocks)
  2. Land Rent Clearance Certificate
  3. Application for official copy

Department of Immigration

  1. Passport application for Adults
  2. Passport Application for Children
  3. Application for Kenyan Visa

Civil Registration Department

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Death certificate


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