Requirements to Qualify for Uwezo Fund

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The Uwezo Fund has been a buzz word amongst Kenyan youth since its inception in September 2013. Just being youthful – which is pretty loose terminology by Kenyan standards – however, isn’t the only prerequisite to accessing the fund. 

Here is how to go about accessing funds from the Uwezo Fund.

A. For a Group

The group must be registered with;

  • The Department of Social Services
  • Department of Cooperatives or
  • Registrar of Societies

The number of members within the group (minimum/maximum) is determined by the regulations set by these registering authorities. They are members between 18 and 35 years within it. Youth groups with members above 35 years are eligible as long as the group is 70% youth and 30% people might be older but has 100% youth leadership.

Women’s groups should have women aged eighteen years and above.

Women groups must aldo meet the following criteria;

  • 70% women
  • 30% men 
  • 100% women leadership

Persons With Disability (PWD) groups have no set age limits but must constitute;

  • 70% persons with disabilities (PWD)
  • 30% others 
  • 100% PWD leadership.

Other group requirements include:

  • Based and operational in the constituency it makes an application
  • Operates a table banking structure or any other group fund structure where members make monthly contributions according to the group’s internal guidelines (evidence of monthly contributions is a requirement)
  • Be holders of a bank account in the group’s name.

B. For an Institution

The institution must be a registered entity

Have listed youth and women groups within it.

Tips and Warnings

It’s important to consider the following key points before applying for the Uwezo Fund:

  • You cannot access the fund as an individual
  • The area Member of Parliament is the patron at the Constituency level. The Uwezo Fund Management Committee (CUFMC) is mandated with overall management of the Fund at the constituency level
  • The groups will get funding after vetting of their applications has been done by Uwezo Fund Management Committee, CUFMCs, and after they have been trained on four focus areas i.e. General Information on Uwezo Fund; Business Development Services and Mentoring; Table Banking Concept; and Access to Government Procurement Opportunities for youth, women and PWDs.
  • The Sub-County Accountant and the CDF Fund Account Manager are the mandatory signatories to your application. The CUFMCs will nominate another two signatories.
  • There is no statute governing the period of group existence as long as there is evidence of monthly contribution


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