How to Join ODM

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To join the Orange Democratic Movement, you should contact the DIRECTORATE OF MEMBERSHIP SERVICES at your nearest ODM branch. The appropriate ODM County or Regional Office can assist you with the name and contact details of the branch.

Alternatively, you can print out and complete the membership application form and post or fax it to the membership officer in your county, together with the annual membership fee of KSh of 5,000. The membership application form is available on the ODM website.

Benefits of being an ODM member

According to ODM, the benefits of being a member are as follows:

  1. Submit proposals or statements through the appropriate structures to the branch, county, and region.
  2. Offer constructive criticism of any member, official, policy program or activity of the ODM within its structures.
  3. Receive and impart information on all aspects of ODM policy and activities.
  4. Take part in elections and be elected or appointed to any committee, structure, commission or delegation of the ODM.


The Orange Democratic Movement

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