Best Things to Do with a Girlfriend in New Jersey

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The state of New Jersey is situated on the territory of the beautiful peninsula. It is considered one of the most colourful and contrasting states of America. There are also large industrial cities, amazing tourist areas, and surprisingly beautiful nature. In any area of the state, you can find interesting sights, but the highest “concentration” of sightseeing objects is on the east coast of the peninsula.

1. Atlantic City 

A significant part of tourists staying in New Jersey goes on vacation in the colourful Atlantic City. It is often called the “second Las Vegas” as the main attractions of the resort town are numerous casinos. The main part of them is concentrated on the central street of the Boardwalk. With the onset of darkness, the street lights up with colourful neon signs and there can be seen incredibly beautiful buildings – real masterpieces of modern architecture.

2. Pinelands National Park 

Particular attention should be paid to the natural attractions of the state. The excursion program will be incomplete without visiting them. The unique natural object in all respects is the Pinelands National Park. It was recently recognized as an object of world significance. A lot of interesting routes are laid along the territory of the reserve. It can be visited only with the help of a guide.

3. Ocean City 

Travellers, who prefer to rest in a more relaxed environment, should go to Ocean City – the resort with a unique aristocratic atmosphere. It attracted the attention of travellers a hundred years ago. Today the resort has an impeccable infrastructure and pleases even the most demanding guests. The choice of entertainment facilities here is no less than in the noisy Jersey City, however, the atmosphere is always very calm and relaxing. Ocean City is considered an elite family resort, so tourists with children are the main visitors of the local beach.

4. Atlantic City Aquarium 

This is the place where you can see the inhabitants of the Atlantic Ocean and exotic seas in all their stunning diversity. More than 100 species of bright fish, several species of sharks that can even be touched, molluscs and arthropods are ready to appear before visitors in several huge reservoirs. Every day, there is a show of feeding of sharks and stingrays, in which you can participate (not as food, of course). And the Atlantic City Aquarium is interesting with its historic building of the late 19th century, in which once the management of pleasure crafts was located.

5. Six Flags Great Adventure 

This amusement park is loved not only by tourists but also by Americans themselves. Today it consists of 11 thematic areas, four of which are built for children. This amusement park is considered to be one of the largest in the world. It also includes the famous safari park Wild Safari. The park also offers a wide variety of water activities. Fans of water parks will be happy – there are pipes, waves, and high slides. Every year, the amusement park is visited by about 30 million people. Most visitors come to the park for the coolest roller coaster called Kingda Ka. By the way, not everyone dares to ride on it. Would you try?

6. New Jersey Botanical Garden 

The New Jersey Botanical Garden, better known as Skylands, is located in the small town of Ringwood, in a mountainous area. Not every tourist comes here and yet there is something to see. This is a unique attraction and just a very beautiful, pleasant place. As a rule, there are no crowds of visitors in Skylands, which means that you can wander around the garden in silence and enjoy the unity with nature.

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