Echesa ‘had an appointment with DP’ during visit with white men

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Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa claimed to have an appointment with Deputy President William Ruto when he visited his CBD office with two white men in February 2020, the court has heard. Echesa, who was arrested immediately after leaving the DP’s office, is facing charges in relation to an Sh39.5 billion fake arms procurement deal involving the two white men. The court was also told that the two men who accompanied Echesa had a bag that was taken away by the DP’s security detail. The two men were also asked to surrender their mobile phones before entering the office, but Echesa was allowed to remain with his ‘so as to possibly communicate with the DP’ Witnesses who testified in this case on Monday, June 20, 2021, say they did not witness any money-changing hands at the office of the DP. Nicholas Maiyo, Ruto’s bodyguard, narrated how he ushered, Echesa and two into the offices of the deputy president on February 13, 2020. Maiyo says he received Echesa on the second floor of the DP’s office. The witnesses who testified before the court were led in chief by state prosecutor Kennedy Panyako. Here are some excerpts from the hearing. Panyako: Tell the court your name and what you do to earn a living. Maiyo: My name is Nicholas Maiyo Burkey. I am a prison officer working under the Kenya Prisons Services, currently deployed at  Harambee Annex Nairobi.  I ensure there is security at the office and I usher in visitors then escort them to the waiting room as they wait to see the DP. Panyako: In respect to the current matter before court matter did you receive Echesa on February 13, 2020. Maiyo: On the material day I received Echesa who was in the company of two white men. I confiscated a bag and mobile phones from the white men. I did not confiscate mobile phones from Echesa. Panyako: Did you ask Echesa if had any appointment? Maiyo: Yes I asked him whether I had an appointment and he replied he was to see the DP together with the white men. Panyako: What did you do? Maiyo: I took the two white men into the waiting room while we called the Karen Office of the DP to find out whether to meet Echesa in Town or Karen. Panyako: What did you establish? Maiyo: After calling the Karen Office of the DP we were informed he was heading to Kandara Murang’a County for burial. Panyako: Did you inform Echesa of the development? Maiyo: I did and they soon left. Echesa is charged alongside Daniel Otieno Omondi alias General Juma, Clifford Okoth Onyanyo alias Paul and Kennedy Oyoo Mboya. hearing continues

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