Miss Morgan: Omosh is a disappointment

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Former Tahidi high actress Angel Waruinge, alias Miss Morgan, has hit out on former colleague Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh, terming him as a disappointment. Omosh has attracted media headlines in recent times, and especially for his decision to consistently appeal for help from the public. Via an interview on YouTube, Miss Morgan has termed Omosh as ungrateful. “This is to Omosh, my brother we had this discussion and I told you when you ask for help, society came through for you. Because you were once King of TV, you were one of the big names in Kenya. But I saw your ungratefulness and this is what hurt me most. Miss Morgan who has confessed to slipping into depression and alcoholism in the past reminded Omosh, who incidentally is undergoing the same challenges that he has the ability to pull through. Besides Miss Morgan, another actor Dennis Mugo aka OJ has confessed to finding it tough to cope with fame and the real-life after the show ended. “You are a crying wolf; you are disappointing many people. I will tell you this for free, we were in that situation most of us. Some chose to accept help, and they got help, some chose change, and they are changing their lives, some chose not to get into the addiction, and they are thriving,” she said. “Accept that you need help, it has to come from you. Seventy percent comes from you and the other percentage is from God and your family. People are not talking badly because you disappointed them. The world owes no one a living, so stop feeling entitled,” she added. Miss Morgan further added that Omosh was hurting his family, friends, and former colleagues as they are getting trolled because of him. “Out of what you are doing, you are hurting a big circle. You are hurting your family, you are hurting yourself, you are hurting your former colleagues because we also get trolled because of this. You said you are a man of God; you are also hurting your own God,” Miss Morgan said.

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