A Graceful Departure: Matilda Sakwa Bids Farewell to NYS After Four Transformative Years

by | Apr 20, 2023 | News | 0 comments

On April 19, Matilda Sakwa, Director General of the National Youth Service (NYS), officially stepped down after completing four impactful years of service. In a heartfelt farewell message, Sakwa expressed gratitude to the divine for the wisdom and tenacity she demonstrated during her tenure at the helm of the institution.

Reflecting on her time at NYS, Sakwa quoted the age-old wisdom, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” She expressed her joy at leaving the institution as a happy woman, with her head held high. As she exits her position, several Luhya leaders are urging the Kenya Kwanza government to reinstate Sakwa.

Sakwa’s tenure was marked by her strong determination to bring about positive change within the institution. In her farewell address, she acknowledged the challenges faced by her predecessors and thanked the higher power for protecting her from similar pitfalls. Through her resilient leadership, Sakwa managed to mend the “broken pot” she inherited, leaving behind a legacy of transformation and progress.

In her message, Sakwa praised the support of her staff and expressed confidence in the abilities of acting NYS Director General James Tembur. She emphasized the importance of continuing to build upon the progress made during her tenure, warning against the potential consequences of regressing to past practices.

Sakwa’s time at the NYS has showcased her strength as a leader and role model for women in leadership positions. As she moves on to new endeavors, she carries with her a legacy of hope and inspiration, proving that given the right support and opportunities, women are capable of accomplishing even the most difficult tasks.

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