Kenyan Staple Flour Prices Plunge as President Ruto Delivers on Promise”

by | Apr 21, 2023 | News | 0 comments

In a promising turn of events for Kenyan households, the price of unga, a staple maize flour, has experienced a notable decline, according to State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed. As of this week, a 2kg packet of unga is now retailing between KSh 159 and KSh 160, depending on the brand. This drop in prices follows President William Ruto’s recent commitment to reduce the cost of this essential commodity.

Since Ruto’s administration took office, they have successfully lowered the price of unga from KSh 230 to its current range. The price reduction is a result of the Kenyan government’s strategic measures, including importation, to ensure the affordability of maize flour for citizens.

President Ruto has reassured local farmers that the government will protect their interests, emphasizing the balance needed between imports and domestic production. “You will have new prices starting next week because we have to balance and make sure that even what we import does not affect our farmers. The most important thing about our farmers here at home is the people we rely on,” Ruto stated during a visit to Mavoko on April 14th.

To facilitate the price reduction, Kenya imported 21,455 metric tonnes of white maize from Mozambique, with shipments arriving at the port of Mombasa earlier this month. The arrival of maize, wheat grain, and sorghum has sparked debate among Kenyans, who eagerly await the lowered unga prices in their local supermarkets.

As Kenyans anticipate the arrival of more affordable maize flour on store shelves, President Ruto’s administration continues to focus on implementing policies that prioritize the welfare of the common mwananchi.

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