Tragic Turn of Events: Kenyatta University Student’s Life Cut Short after Mystery Date

by | Apr 6, 2023 | News | 0 comments

  • The tight-knit community of Kenyatta University is mourning the loss of June Jerop Kangogo, 36, an accounting student whose life was tragically cut short after an ill-fated meeting with an unknown individual.
  • Kangogo’s body was discovered near Jamhuri Primary School, a grim end to her mysterious disappearance.

Five days elapsed before her anguished family finally located her at the City Mortuary. By that time, her body bore the telltale signs of violence, swollen and bloodied.

In the days leading up to her death, Kangogo had confided in her classmates about her plans for a rendezvous with an unidentified man. She was last seen alive in the company of her classmates, hurriedly leaving to meet her enigmatic date on that fateful Saturday.

Kangogo’s sister, Joyce Jepkemoi, recalled their last conversation, centered around a family matter: pooling funds to purchase medication for their ailing mother. The plan had been for Kangogo to collect the contributions and forward them to their mother. When her phone was switched off, her family initially assumed the battery had simply died.

Growing concern permeated the family as they were unable to reach Kangogo for two days. Her uncharacteristic absence prompted them to file a missing person report with the Industrial Area police. Meanwhile, her colleagues noted that she had not returned to work since the ill-omened date, although this initially did not raise alarm due to the ongoing anti-government protests causing many to skip work.

By Tuesday, anxiety peaked as her phone remained inactive. “I knew her character. If she was in trouble, she would have called and told me,” Jepkemoi lamented, holding on to hope that her sister might still be alive but in critical condition.

Ultimately, the family’s search led them to the city mortuary, where they were confronted with their worst fears. Now, the quest for answers and justice begins as the community grapples with the tragic loss of a promising young life.

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