Evelyn Cheluget Ascends to Role of Director-General of Immigration Services Amid Muteshi’s Leave

by | May 13, 2023 | Business, News | 0 comments

In an announcement that reverberated through the halls of the Immigration Services, Evelyn Jepleting Tarus Cheluget has been declared the new Director-General. This move was prompted by Alexander Muteshi’s decision to embark on terminal leave, effective from Monday, May 15.

The news of this transition was shared by Muteshi himself in an internal memo to the staff. He revealed that Cheluget will assume his duties and encouraged his team to extend the same support and cooperation they offered him throughout his tenure.

In his memo, Muteshi expressed his sincere gratitude to the team, thanking them for the unwavering support they gave him during his term. He emphasized the importance of offering similar backing to Cheluget, acknowledging the integral role that support will play in her new responsibilities.

“Evelyn Cheluget will be stepping into the role of Director-General of Immigration Services as I commence my leave,” Muteshi wrote. “I entreat you all to extend the same level of support to our new Director-General that you graciously offered me during my tenure. I am deeply grateful for the commitment you have shown.”

This change in leadership comes at a time when the Immigration Services department, known for its highly sensitive operations, requires steadfast guidance. Cheluget’s appointment promises a seamless transition and reflects the confidence in her ability to manage the critical duties of this significant role.

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