“In Nairobi Court, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu Denies Association with Slain Businesswoman Monica Kimani”

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In an unexpected turn of events, murder suspect Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu denied knowing Monica Kimani, a late businesswoman, or ever visiting her residence in the upscale Kilimani neighborhood in Nairobi. Irungu made his assertion on Thursday, standing before Justice Grace Nzioka, contesting the allegations of his involvement in Kimani’s murder back in September 2018.

“I’ve never had any interactions with Ms. Kimani, let alone visit her at her Lamuria Gardens residence. My only connection to the family is through her brother, George Kimani,” insisted Irungu.

The defendant, also known by the moniker ‘Jowie’, expressed his skepticism toward testimonies given by witnesses who claimed to have seen him at the victim’s residence on the night of the murder. Among them was Lee Owen Omondi, whose account Irungu dismissed as a fabrication.

In another dramatic moment, Irungu objected to the authenticity of a video exhibit played in court. The footage, purporting to show a man resembling him enjoying ‘nyama choma’, a local delicacy, with Kimani, was denied outright. Irungu maintained that he had no knowledge of the man in the clip.

Charged alongside Irungu is former journalist Jackie Maribe. The prosecution alleges that a pair of cream-colored shorts stained with Kimani’s blood, discovered at Maribe’s Lang’ata residence, belongs to Irungu. However, the defendant countered the claim, insisting that he owned brown shorts, matching his Nike shoes worn on the day in question.

Chelegat Ruto, another witness, corroborated his claim, testifying that she saw Irungu wearing brown khaki shorts on the night of September 19, 2018.

Irungu further narrated how he came to possess a firearm, which he later used on himself. Brian Kasaine, a friend, had entrusted him with the weapon due to domestic issues. Irungu confessed to misleading the police by falsely claiming to have been attacked by a gang during the investigation of Kimani’s murder.

Upon inquiry from the prosecutor, Irungu disclosed that Maribe was present in their shared house at the time of his self-inflicted gunshot wound, responding to the sound of the shot.

Despite these revelations, Irungu maintained his innocence, denying any involvement in the brutal murder of Monica Kimani on the night of September 19, 2018.

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