Jubilee Party Leader Sabina Chege Calls for Uhuru Kenyatta’s Exit from Political Landscape

by | May 22, 2023 | News, Politics | 0 comments

n an assertive move, acting Jubilee party leader, Sabina Chege, claimed that former President Uhuru Kenyatta was lawfully ousted from his party leadership role.

This statement comes amidst growing tensions within the party, which is presently embroiled in internal conflict. The contention centers around two primary factions, one led by ex-Ndaragwa Member of Parliament (MP) Jeremiah Kioni, and the other directed by East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Kanini Kega.

Chege expressed her criticism of Kenyatta during a funeral service in Sirisia Constituency on Saturday. She alleged that Kenyatta was more involved in political manoeuvring than providing guidance to current leaders. Chege further asserted that Kenyatta should have withdrawn from politics half a year after President Ruto took the helm.

“Uhuru Kenyatta’s departure from the Jubilee party leadership was not instigated by a forceful ejection, rather, it was a lawful displacement,” she declared.

Acting Secretary General, Kanini Kega, also took issue with the former president. He accused Kenyatta of leveraging his former role to impose undue pressure on others. This critique was exemplified by the graft case of Sirisia MP John Waluke, which Kega labelled as politically motivated.

Chege appealed to Kenyatta to shift his attention from politics to fostering unity within the nation, an endeavor he has been active in promoting continent-wide.

Her comments echo those of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, who also suggested that Kenyatta focus on his peacekeeping duties and distance himself from political entanglements.

Chege reassured that Jubilee’s allegiance lies with President Ruto’s administration and announced that they will not involve themselves in protests orchestrated by Raila Odinga. Chege emphasized that Kenyatta has passed the baton to President Ruto, and the opposition should afford him time to meet the Kenyan people’s expectations.

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