“Mediheal Hospital Refutes Involvement in Shakahola Deaths and Organ Trafficking Claims Amid Ongoing Investigation”

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Amid the ongoing inquiry into the distressing Shakahola incident, Mediheal Group of Hospitals has firmly separated itself from allegations of involvement in organ trafficking. The hospital’s proprietor, Swarup Mishra, has also been cleared of any association with the controversial figure, self-proclaimed preacher Paul Mackenzie.

The institution’s management released a statement countering the conspiracy theories that have attempted to connect Mishra and Mackenzie to the Shakahola cult, the series of killings, and alleged organ smuggling. “The concocted theories linking Mackenzie and Mishra to this horrific tragedy and purported organ trafficking ring are nothing but baseless speculation,” the hospital’s statement clarified.

These allegations have triggered national disquiet, primarily within the medical community. “Certain opportunists are capitalizing on this situation, fuelling it with a torrent of groundless accusations in a bid for unfair competitive advantage,” the statement continued.

Mediheal Group of Hospitals, among other few healthcare facilities, is recognized for pioneering significant advancements in Africa’s medical landscape. The statement emphasized Kenya’s achievement as one of the few African nations to successfully handle renal and nephrological disorders, boasting advanced technology and capacity.

The hospital was quick to denounce the rumors associating it with an alleged organ trafficking operation. “The insinuations connecting Mediheal Group of Hospitals to a shady, non-existent organ trafficking racket are nothing more than malicious fallacies peddled by institutions facing a steep decline in their medical business revenues.”

Mediheal’s management pointed out that the hospital is one of the select few in Kenya that have launched a successful kidney transplant program. This program is a significant step forward, offering a cost-effective alternative to the more strenuous and costly dialysis procedure.

The hospital maintains its commitment to upholding dignity and integrity in all its operations, which it attributes to its success in the medical field.

On May 10, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki rejected allegations that some victims of the Shakahola incident were discovered with missing body organs. However, court documents filed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) revealed that government pathologist Johansen Oduor found missing organs in some of the exhumed bodies.

There are concerns that the victims, believed to be members of Mackenzie’s Good News International Church, may have had their organs harvested before being buried in mass graves. These claims continue to stir controversy as the investigation unfolds.

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