Mysterious Death of British Woman in Mombasa Sparks Call for New Investigation Amid Cult Revelations

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The family of Lutfunisa Khandwalla, a 44-year-old British national who died in Mombasa under enigmatic circumstances, is urging authorities to reopen the investigation into her death. The call comes in light of the recent exposure of the deadly Shakahola sect, which has raised suspicions that Khandwalla may have been a victim of a similar cult.

Imran Admani, Khandwalla’s brother, believes his sister’s death bears striking similarities to the tragic fate of Shakahola sect victims. He implores the police to examine potential connections between his sister’s demise and an unidentified cult leader. Khandwalla, who traveled to Kenya in 2019, was unable to return to the UK due to Covid-19 restrictions and ultimately met her untimely end in Mombasa on August 2, 2020.

Khandwalla’s death certificate cited cardiopulmonary arrest as the cause, but Admani contends that his sister was forcibly inducted into a cult and subjected to extreme religious teachings. The family alleges that an unidentified spiritual leader coerced Khandwalla into taking drugs during the recruitment process. Subsequent medical examinations revealed the presence of ethambutol, a tuberculosis treatment medication, in her system, despite no known history of the disease.

Additionally, the report from Bio Analytics UK found traces of diazepam in Khandwalla’s brain tissue, which were extracted after her body was exhumed for toxicology tests. Admani insists that his sister was forced to consume these drugs as part of her cult indoctrination during her 2019 visit to Mombasa.

With the recent uncovering of the Shakahola cult, where hundreds perished in pursuit of a false promise to meet Jesus, Admani suspects his sister may have been ensnared by a similar group. He claims Khandwalla was instructed by a spiritual leader to ingest a freezing agent purported to cure her ailments, leading to her death.

Though a post-mortem report by government pathologist Johansen Oduor did not determine Khandwalla’s cause of death, her brain was found intact two years after her burial. Further medical examinations are underway in both Kenya and the UK to shed light on the circumstances surrounding her mysterious demise.

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