“Prominent Nairobi Attorney Duped Out of $173,000 in Elaborate Real Estate Swindle”

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In a shocking tale of trust betrayed, a distinguished Nairobi  attorney fell prey to an elaborate scheme that swindled her out of $173,000, marking the end of a deceptive 18-month saga.

Jack Bondori now faces criminal charges, accused of using false pretenses to defraud Stephanie Wambui Njoroge, a respected city attorney. The fraud allegedly took place over a year and a half, starting in July 2021, during which time Bondori falsely promised Njoroge a profitable partnership in a lucrative real estate venture.

The prosecution alleges that the scheme began when Njoroge encountered Bondori at a local carwash in the Kasarani neighborhood of Nairobi in early 2021. There, Bondori introduced himself as a real estate businessman and logistics manager, subsequently exchanging contacts with Njoroge.

Njoroge, under the impression that Bondori was a successful entrepreneur, sought to expand her legal clientele through him.

The two maintained frequent communication, with Bondori initially borrowing a modest $1,000 from Njoroge in June 2021, which he repaid promptly, establishing a sense of trust. However, things took a sinister turn in July 2021 when Bondori borrowed $2,500, claiming his cargo was being held at a Nairobi company that required upfront payment for release. Njoroge complied, unaware of the trap she had walked into.

Despite relentless requests for repayment, Bondori managed to convince Njoroge to invest further in his fictitious business venture, promising not only repayment but also an enticing profit.

Seeing a golden opportunity to supplement her income, Njoroge agreed, continuing to funnel money towards Bondori despite his failure to repay the initial $2,500 loan. Allegedly, Bondori even manipulated his accomplices into perpetuating the scam, with some posing as employees of the supposed holding company, convincing Njoroge to invest further.

Njoroge, in her desperate attempt to support Bondori’s venture, reportedly borrowed from friends and family, one of whom is listed as a witness in the ongoing case.

The truth of Bondori’s deceit finally surfaced when Njoroge confided in her family about her financial predicament, eventually leading to a formal complaint with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kasarani on May 5.

Following an investigation, Bondori was apprehended and subsequently denied all charges before Chief Magistrate Francis Kyambia in Makadara. He was granted bail of $50,000, with a similar surety, or alternatively, a cash bail of $10,000.

The case is set to continue on June 8, with a full hearing scheduled for September 18.

The DCI is now utilizing Njoroge’s bank statements and electronic transaction records as evidence in the case, aiming to substantiate the claims of her substantial monetary transfers to Bondori.

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