Scandal Engulfs Prominent Politician as Ex-Journalist Maverick Aoko Unleashes Accusations

by | May 9, 2023 | Entertainment, News | 0 comments

Last week, Maverick Aoko, a former journalist, ignited controversy in Kenya after alleging on her Twitter account that she had engaged in extramarital affairs with multiple politicians. One married politician, in particular, became the focus of her incendiary claims, as Aoko asserted that she had been his girlfriend for a period of time despite his marriage to a well-known media figure.

Aoko’s bold and lurid allegations, which remain unverified, include claims that the politician in question divulged sensitive information about both his marital and professional life. The two appear to have had a contentious falling out, prompting Aoko to disclose details of their alleged affair after the politician reportedly threatened her. In response, the politician cautioned Aoko against spreading falsehoods publicly and vowed to make her face consequences for her alleged lies.

On Monday, May 8, 2023, Aoko revealed that the embattled politician had indeed followed through on his threat, initiating legal action against her. Aoko shared a screenshot of an email from the politician’s attorney, demanding her immediate attention.

Aoko has sought to frame her accusations as part of her support for President Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance against opposition politicians. She alleges that her focus on opposition leaders with whom she claims to have had affairs is motivated by their attacks on President Ruto. Aoko, who previously served as a social media officer for one of the opposition parties, had direct access to various political figures during her time in this role.

Aoko’s falling out with her former employer, the opposition party, appears to have prompted her to switch allegiances and pledge her support to President Ruto’s camp, which she now claims is funding her education.

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