Unveiling the Mystery: Why DJ Fatxo Shied Away from Jeff Mwathi’s Funeral

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In an unexpected revelation, prominent Mugiithi musician DJ Fatxo has disclosed the reason for his absence at the late Jeff Mwathi’s funeral during a candid interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo.

Fatxo expressed concern over attending the funeral due to a narrative spun by bloggers which might potentially put him at risk. The unfounded assertions have fanned a charged atmosphere, leading Fatxo to take a step back from the burial ceremony.

“My mother made efforts to reach out to the Mwathi family through Samidoh, Jeff’s uncle,” Fatxo disclosed. Despite her best efforts, it appears the family had made up their minds to keep him at a distance.

“I didn’t manage to speak directly to Jeff’s mother,” admitted Fatxo, who felt cut off from the Mwathi family in the wake of the tragic event. The family’s conviction of his guilt in their son’s demise deterred him from reaching out.

The rapid spread of news heightened the tensions, and Fatxo believes that a certain degree of animosity still persists within the family.

Post Mwathi’s passing, a visit was paid to Fatxo’s residence by both the police and Samidoh. “Samidoh managed to crawl through my window as part of the police’s request,” stated Fatxo, shedding light on the aftermath of the incident.

Within the course of the interview, Fatxo shared the story of his first encounter with Jeff Mwathi. He credited a businesswoman named Faith Mutanu for the introduction.

Fatxo, who ran a Deejay school and a popular retail outlet near Zetech University, planned a move to Kamaki’s. He acquired Jeff’s contact from Mutanu only in January 2023, which coincided with Jeff’s shop struggling due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jeff’s death in February 2023 was an alarming tragedy, falling from the 10th floor of an apartment rented by DJ Fatxo.

Ann Mwathi, Jeff’s grieving mother, expressed her enduring disappointment during a TikTok live session. Despite the government’s investigation, she believes justice for her son remains elusive.

“Those responsible for my son’s death will never know peace. The agony of my son’s untimely departure is forever etched in my heart,” she lamented.

In an earlier conversation with Nairobi News, Jeff’s mother conveyed her confusion over the detectives’ conclusions, finding them insufficient in supporting a murder allegation. Wacuka, Jeff’s mother, was informed about the high probability of Jeff being intoxicated, leading to the fatal fall. She expressed skepticism, however, over how an allegedly drunk Jeff could have ascended to the 12th floor of the apartment complex.

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