Tourist Attractions in Mombasa County

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For many years, the City of Mombasa has been the gateway to the tourist attractions in Kenya. The County of Mombasa offers the following tourist attractions.

Pirates Beach 

The largest public beach popular with local residents.

Fort Jesus

Built in 1593 by the Portuguese as a military outpost.

Mamba village

East Africa’s largest crocodile farm.

Haller Park

The largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa featuring an large variety of animals

Ngomongo Villages

A reclaimed limestone quarry that now serves as a showcase in environmental conservation.

Mombasa Old Town

The old section of Mombasa City that features Arabian Architecture. Arabs have historically exerted heavy cultural influence.

Bombolulu workshops

Started in 1969 by the Association of Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK), this is a cultural center featuring traditional homesteads, restaurants and dances.

Wild Waters, Nyali 

A modern day water park featuring slides. It is built on 7 and a half acres of waste land. It is the largest of its kind in East Africa.


Mombasa County Government

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