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List of Kenyan Forex Bureaus

The following is a list of licensed forex bureaus operating in Kenya at the moment. Telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical location is included. Alpha Forex Bureau Ltd Postal Address: P.O. Box 476-00606, Nairobi Telephone: 4451435/7 Email:...

Western Union Open on Sunday in Nairobi

Western Union Open on Sunday in Nairobi

So you have received some cash from abroad via Western Union but it just happens that it's a Sunday and you need that cash right away. There aren't many Western Union agents in Nairobi that open on Sunday. However, there are a few that are always reliable and...

Mortgage/Car Loan Calculator

We have provided this loan calculator for comparison purposes. The result is a close approximation of the actual car loan or mortgage amount you will pay to you bank or financier. To use it, enter the value of the loan amount, repayment period in months and the rate...

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