How to abort in Kenya

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Contrary to popular opinion, abortion in Kenya is NOT illegal, it is only restricted by certain constitutional provisions. The only circumstances under which abortion may be permitted according to Kenyan laws is upon recommendation by a trained health professional. However, even in such cases, there has to be a need for emergency treatment or the mother’s health or life is in danger.


If your life or health is in danger as a result of your pregnancy or there are other health issues which make your pregnancy unviable, you should contact a trained health professional for medical assessment, counseling, and abortion if you fit within the strict definitions of the law. A good place to start is your private doctor or gynecologist.

Abortion Alternatives in Kenya

  • Counseling – there are numerous crisis pregnancy centers in Kenya who can counsel you and help you deal with the situation. Some of these centers include;
    • Crisis Pregnancy Ministries Kenya Tel +254204445997
  • Keeping the pregnancy – Many women and girls have found themselves with unwanted pregnancies but have accepted the fact and gone on to live a normal life. 


  1. Do not attempt to carry out an abortion yourself, backstreet abortions are a leading killer of young Kenyan women. Likewise, if you have impregnated a lady, do not encourage her to seek a backstreet abortion. Always seek the services of qualified medical personnel.


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