How to apply for a China/Chinese Visa in Kenya

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Hundreds of Kenyan traders are now traveling to China to purchase goods and look for markets. Kenyans traveling to China must have a valid visa. The application can be made at the Chinese Embassy to Kenya located on Woodlands road, Nairobi. Their telephone number is +254-717 070214.


  1. Before applying for the visa, you need the following:
    • Valid Kenyan passport (issued after 2008 since pre-2008 are not accepted in Far East countries).
    • One color photo 48mm x33mm dimensions. No head covering.
    • Evidence of hotel and air ticket booking.
    • Last three months bank statements.
  2. If you need a business visa, you should also have the following additional items:
    • A letter of invitation issued by a Chinese Agency.
    • A letter of invitation from Chinese local governments, companies, corporations and institutions in lieu of the above. The letter of invitation must contain your personal information (name, age, gender, DOB), information regarding your visit to China (purpose, arrival & departure dates etc) and information regarding the invitee.


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    1. Visit the Chinese Embassy to Kenya on Woodlands, Road, Nairobi. See the map.
    2. Request a visa application form and fill it in truthfully.
    3. Affix the color photo on the application form.
    4. Submit the application form together with your passport to the visa officer.
    5. As soon as your application is accepted, you will be informed and given a pickup form specifying the visa fee. The current visa fees are as follows:
      • Single Entry 3-month validity Kes.4,000
      • Double Entry 6-month validity Kes.6,000
      • Mult-Entry  6-month validity Kes.8,000
      • Mult-Entry 12-month validity Kes.12,000
    6. Make payment of the visa fee at any of the following three branches of Commercial Bank of Africa:
      • Mara & Ragati Roads, Upper Hill
      • Wabera & Standard Streets, City Center
      • International House, Mama Ngina Street
    7. When making payment to the bank teller, present the pickup form. The teller will stamp the deposit slip duplicate and present it to you.
    8. You will present the deposit slip duplicate and the pickup form to the consular section at the embassy when collecting your visa.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Make sure you submit your Chinese visa application at least two weeks before your scheduled date of travel in case of delays.
    • Do not make false statements on the application form and do not submit fake documents.


    Chinese Embassy to Kenya

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