How to Apply for a Kenyan passport

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To be eligible to apply for a Kenyan passport, you must first satisfy the requirements of the Kenyan constitution. The main pre-requisite is to be a Kenyan citizen. Visit this link to replace a lost, mutilated or expired Kenyan passport. 


  1. Visit any of the following immigration offices in Kenya:
    • Nairobi      –        Department of Immigration Headquarters, Nyayo House, Ground floor, North Wing
    • Mombasa   –        Coast Regional Office , Uhuru na Kazi Building,
    • Kisumu       –        Western Regional Office , New Provincial Headquarters
    • Eldoret        –        North Rift Regional Office, Public Works building
    • Garissa        –        North eastern Regional
    • Nakuru      –        Central Rift Regional Office, Rift Valley Provincial Headquarters
    • Embu         –        Central Regional Office, Provincial Headquarters
  2. Any Kenyan mission abroad.
  3. Fill in a form known as Form 19 which the immigration officers will hand to you.
  4. You should have your Birth, Adoption or Registration (original and photocopy) Certificate and in some instances your parent(s) birth certificate maybe required. You must also have your new generation identity card with you (original and a photocopy).
  5. Attach 3 colored Passport size photographs of yourself with one of photos duly certified as true likeness of yourself by your recommender. This means that you must also have a recommender. A recommender, according to the law has to be a citizen of Kenya such as Minister of religion, a Minister or Legal Practitioner, an established Civil Servant or Bank Official who knows you personally.
  6. Attach a certified copy of the recommender’s National Identity Card
  7. Your application will be reviewed and provided your application is in order, you will be advised to pay the passport application fee of:
    • KES 4,500 for a 32 page passport
    • KES 6,000 for a 48 page passport.
  8. Your passport will be ready in a maximum of 30 days, in some cases in as little as 5 days provide all documentation is in order.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are under 18 years old, you need a consent letter from one of your parents and a copy of their national identity card.
  • Do not use a broker or third party, you must present yourself in person to the immigration officers.
  • A copy of your national identity card is mandatory with every application.
  • It is possible to track your passport application online at the Kenya Department of Immigration Website. You can now also apply for a Kenyan passport online. 


Republic of Kenya Immigration Department

Kenya passport fees and charges

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