List of Insurance Companies in Kenya

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There are 35 non-life/general insurance companies and 25 life insurance companies in Kenya. Below is the comprehensive list.

List of General/Non-Life Insurance Companies in Kenya

General insurance or non-life includes motor, liability, travel, property, household and so forth. 

  1. AAR Insurance Kenya
  2. African Merchant Assurance
  3. AIG Insurance Company
  4. APA Insurance Company
  5. Britam General Insurance
  6. British American Insurance
  7. Cannon Assurance Company
  8. CIC General Insurance
  9. Corporate Insurance Company
  10. Directline Assurance Company 
  11. Fidelity Shield Insurance
  12. First Assurance Company 
  13. GA Insurance Company 
  14. Gateway Insurance Company 
  15. Geminia Insurance Company 
  16. Heritage Insurance Company 
  17. ICEA Lion General Insurance 
  18. Intra-Africa Assurance 
  19. Invesco Assurance Company 
  20. Jubilee Insurance Company 
  21. Kenindia Assurance Company 
  22. Kenya Orient Insurance 
  23. Madison Insurance Company 
  24. Mayfair Insurance Company 
  25. Occidental Insurance 
  26. Pacis Insurance Company 
  27. Phoenix Of East Africa 
  28. Resolution Insurance Company 
  29. Saham Insurance Company 
  30. Takaful Insurance Of Africa 
  31. Tausi Assurance Company 
  32. The Kenyan Alliance Insurance 
  33. Trident Insurance Company 
  34. UAP Insurance Company 
  35. Xplico Insurance Company

List of Life Insurance Companies in Kenya

The companies below are either specialist life insurance companies or sell both life and non-life insurance. Life insurance includes endowment policies such as education insurance policy, whole life and term life. 

  1. APA Life Assurance Company 
  2. British American Insurance 
  3. Cannon Assurance Company 
  4. Capex Life Assurance Company 
  5. CIC Life Assurance Company 
  6. Corporate Insurance 
  7. First Assurance Company 
  8. GA Life Assurance Company 
  9. Geminia Insurance Company 
  10. ICEA Lion Life Assurance 
  11. Jubilee Insurance Company 
  12. Kenindia Assurance Company 
  13. Kenya Orient Life Assurance 
  14. Liberty Life Assurance 
  15. Madison Insurance Company 
  16. Metropolitan Insurance 
  17. Old Mutual Life Assurance 
  18. Pan Africa Insurance 
  19. Pioneer Assurance Company 
  20. Prudential Life Assurance 
  21. Saham Assurance 
  22. Takaful Insurance Of Africa 
  23. The Kenyan Alliance 
  24. The Monarch Insurance 
  25. UAP Life Assurance Company

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