What is Giniwasekao?

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Giniwasekao is a catch word popularised by Gor Mahia footbal club fans in 2013. The word is combination of two Dholuo (luo) words, “Gini” and “Wasekao”. When translated, the phrase means, “We have taken this thing“. When the phrase started being  used, fans were literally saying that the Kenyan Premier League cup was Gor Mahia’s to win in 2013. It is worthwhile to note that before 2013, Gor Mahia had not won the league for 18 years.

Other Variations of Giniwasekao

  1. Gini marwa – this thing is ours; short form for “gini” (this thing) “en” (is) “marwa” (ours)
  2. Gini wasekano – we have taken and kept this thing;
  3. Gini ne wakao chon – we took this thing a long time ago; short for gini nene wakao chon
  4. Gini wasebano – we have folded this thing away;
  5. Gini waseringo go – we have run away with this thing;
  6. Gini wan go – We have got this thing with us;
  7. Gini wabiroga kao – we will be taking this thing.
  8. Gini ok mawa – this thing will not be taken from us.
  9. Gigi wasekao – we have taken these things, plural for gini wasekao.
  10. Gini wasedieng’o – we have hit this thing. To mean that you are absolutely certain that indeed you have taken it.
  11. Gini wasemonjo – We have invaded this thing. 
  12. Gini usekao – You have taken this thing. 
  13. Gini okginyalkao – They cannot take this thing. 
  14. Gini wanyalo!- Yes we can!
  15. Gini waseting’o- we have carried this thing.
  16. Gini wasepando-We have hidden this thing


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