Get a Free University Degree | Study in Germany

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To say that University Education is costly is to misstate the fact. University education in Kenya, and indeed in most places around the world, is expensive and a big strain on family budgets. However, German University education is subsidized by German tax payers – making it one of the cheapest places to earn a degree.

Tuition fees for German and International students is free. Living expenses are also quite low compared to other first world countries.

International students studying in Australia, United States, UK and Canada incur at least $10,000 annually in living expenses whereas in Germany students incur an average of $5,000 per year. This includes mandatory health insurance.


Unlike the past when German universities taught exclusively in German or Russian (Former East Germany), many universities in Germany now teach entirely in English. As a matter of fact, universities in Germany have drastically increased all-English classes to over 1,150 programmes across many fields.

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