How To Start an Uber Taxi Business

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Uber is a disruptive innovation. They have taken the world of public transport by storm and are changing how the business of public transport is conducted in hundreds of cities around the world. Nairobi is no exception. The usual friction between traditional taxi businesses and Uber taxis has also hit Nairobi.

But, why is Uber so popular around the world? From a customer’s point of view, Uber taxis tend to charge much lower rates than traditional taxis. It is also easier to get an Uber taxi than it is to get a traditional taxi in Nairobi. Once you request pick-up using the app, a cab can be at your location in a few short minutes because the app connects you with the nearest cab.

For drivers, Uber offers an economic opportunity for different types of drivers; one can be a full-time or part-time driver. As driver, you also don’t have to worry too much about marketing and looking for customers. The app takes care of all that.

How to Start

  • Before you can start an Uber taxi business, you need to make sure you have a 4 door saloon/sedan model that is in good condition. Vehicles that qualify for Uber should be a minimum 2006 Model or newer. If your vehicle was made before 2006, Uber’s motor assessors will inspect it for quality and cleanliness at your onboarding session. The preferred colors are black, white and silver/gray. The car needs to be in good working order, good exterior and the interior needs to be clean and well maintained.
  • Download the Uber Partner application from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app and create an account. 
  • Create a profile on
  • Add all Personal/Company and Vehicle details
  • Load the following regulatory details online:
    1. Business Permit (fleet owners only)
    2. PIN Certificate
    3. Vehicle Registration (Log Book
    4. PSV Car Insurance Certificate
    5. Vehicle Inspection Report
    6. National Identity Card
    7. PSV Driving License (Required for drivers only; leave empty on fleet partner account)
    8. Regular (non-PSV) Driving License (Required for drivers only; leave empty on fleet partner account)
    9. Driver’s Tax PIN Certificate
    10. VAT – Certificate of Registration (Optional)
    11. Certificate of Incorporation or Registration (fleet owners only)
    12. Tax Compliance Certificate – KRA

Once you have loaded these documents, you will be prompted to go for your criminal background checks which is a Police Certificate of Good Conduct. Once you provide the Good Conduct Certificate, you will be invited to attend an UBER Certification Session.

    If you are running a company with more than one driver, add each driver to the profile.


    How to get a police certificate of good conduct.

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