How to Play Chess Inside Facebook Messenger

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Computers & Internet | 0 comments

Are a Chess fan? Did you know that you can play Chess with your friends right within the Facebook Messenger app. Yup, the geeks at Facebook hid the game in the code and you just need to know how to activate it and enjoy a game of Chess with your friends.

This works on all platforms ….Android, iOS and even on the web. No external software is required.


  1. To get started, open a friend’s Messenger chat window and type “@fbchess play”. This launches a chess board. 
  2. To move pieces, you have to type commands. For example, typing “@fbchess Pb5″ moves your pawn on the B column to row 5.
  3. The game saves itself and anytime you want to go back to the chat window to make a play, simply type “@fbchess”.
  4. To see the full range of commands, simply type “@fbchess help“.

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