2 Ways to Completely Change Your Lifestyle

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Personal Development | 0 comments

Tired of always living a worse life than others? Then it is time to change that.

Be Grateful

Recognize that you are lucky no matter how bad things seem to be. You have a demeaning boss, be grateful you have a job. Your relationships never work, be grateful that someone thought of you as a worthy soul mate. Be grateful you have the basic needs that some people do not have. Do not take things for granted since you still have a full life to live.

Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

Dream big but do not expect your dreams to come true in a month or less. You want to buy a house for example but you cannot buy it tomorrow with a KSH. 38,000 salary.  The good thing is you have already started planning in terms of sourcing for money

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