5 Important Tips to Advance Your career

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Careers & Work, Personal Development | 0 comments

Do you feel that your career has stagnated? Dying to get that promotion you feel you are due for? Here are 5 sure-fire tips to get your career soaring:

Recall your Career Goals and Assess Whether you are on Track to Achieving them

Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Work squabbles, repetitive tasks, office politics; all these are the trees that cloud the vision of the “forest”- your goals when you started your career. Shed them and refocus on your purpose in your career.

Be Aggressive

You might snigger and mock someone for putting themselves out there, but when the boss considers who to promote or hire for specialized tasks, they won’t call on you who tries to blend in, makes no waves, and, they probably will have forgotten they hired you. Putting your head down and working hard can only get you so far. If you feel you are due a promotion? Speak up! That promised pay raise has been ‘on the works’ for years now? Ask again! Just remember to be respectful though.

Continually Build on your Skill Sets

Pick up everything you can on any assignment that makes you that much better than your workmates. Classroom learning will get you a certificate, same as your colleagues but what will set you apart is on-the-job learning.


Work as hard as you do for your company to build your own brand. Try and get your name and work out. Foster good relationships with colleagues and your bosses who will help to advance your career.

Get in on the Office Gossip

Now, this may sound controversial, I don’t mean go gather at the water cooler over lunch and gossip away. Don’t be the standoffish prude who doesn’t engage in some office banter. In-office tittle-tattle offers the best opportunity to get to know what is going on within the company – what promotion opportunities might arise …who might get fired.

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