How to Delight Your Customer in 3 Easy Steps

by | Mar 26, 2016 | Business | 0 comments

I will quit my job and just start a business. Then I can get a lot of money.” That is a statement that many who are tired of the corporate world would make. But people think it is an easy task yet it takes time to build a strong business.

They say the customer is king and pleasing your customer is the foundation to a successful business. You can delight your customers in these 3 easy steps:

Have Thank-You packages

Thanking your customers can be done in various ways such as holiday greeting cards, small appreciation gifts or simply making a call to say thank you for being part of your journey.

Offer Extra Advice for Free

If it is a clothing business, you could advice the customer on the kind of color shades to wear for their body type or skin colour. It is related to your business and the customer will appreciate the advice.

Respond to Every comment

You have a facebook page that is constantly filled with customer comments, requests and enquiries.  It is your responsibility to reply to customer queries. Social media is fast and you need to reply in the same speed.

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