3 Must Have Apps for Every Kenyan

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Internet, Telecommunication | 0 comments

1. M-Farm

Buy your granny a smart phone and go see her for the weekend upcountry, (Lord knows it’s overdue) for a How-to crash course on using this app. Connects farmers and consumers as well as giving produce prices. Also features an authoritative blog that preempts all your farming related questions and needs. Enables consumers source for best market prices on foodstuff. A must have app for any actual, or prospecting farmer.

2. MedAfrica

A Medical Services Content Platform that gives certified information on doctors, equips one with tools for at home self-diagnosis, hospital locations as well as give dietary and drug recommendations for various ailments. Serves as a go-between for health practitioners and consumers of their services.

3. Olalashe

An emergency SOS app for Android phones. Olalashe-“Brother”, in Maasai, enables you to enter your in case of emergency (ICE) contacts. It also facilitates sending an SMS with a link to your location to all your ICE contacts. It has a single-click button on your home screen for quick access.

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