3 Must-Read Kenyan Blogs

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Entertainment, Internet | 0 comments

Get up in the morning, wash your face, reach for your phone and hop onto social media.

These are Kenyan blogs you’ve got to check out as you begin your day, and intermittently over the course of the day. – Entertainment News

Kenya’s very own TMZ. Get all the saucy details on the happenings in Kenya. Trending video clips, celebrity gossip, incendiary exposes; Ghafla will keep you up to date on all that’s trending and is worth knowing. 

2. – Creative Writing

Having a slow day at the office? Well, not to worry, a dose of some of some Jackson Biko (Bikozulu) is just what the doctor ordered. His post is in long prose, but every word is so beautifully crafted and fitting you’ll be scouring through the archives for more.

3. – Politics

A level headed voice on Kenya politics online, above the fray of petty partisan politics and nonsensical tribal jibes. A good resource for anyone seeking an actual unalloyed reading of events in Kenyan politics.

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