Healthy Eating: Inspire Your Flat Tummy Journey

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The most recent craze among Kenyan women is a flat tummy to go with a tiny waist and full hips. Many people now go to the gym after work or jog on weekends to lose the extra weight.If you have a sagging tummy, you are probably in the process of trying to lose it. You have probably tried the gym, jogging and Kalekye Mumo is your new favorite superhero.

The process of getting that flat tummy is overwhelming but here are a few tips to keep you inspired throughout your flat tummy journey:

  1. Change your lifestyle by avoiding stress or any drugs.
  2. Color your plate with vegetables. An increased intake of vegetables is important in weigh loss.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Eliminate food that makes you fat. Experts recommend a dairy and gluten free diet. Why? Gluten (wheat products) contains amylopectin A that is super fattening while dairy products contain fat. Kenyan foods that contain gluten are cakes, chapattis, samosas and pasta products (e.g. spaghetti).
  5. Remove certain foods from your diet such as sugar, alcohol, processed foods and birth control pills. Some of these food stuffs, especially sugar and processed foods make you fat without your knowledge. These foods are readily converted into fats in the body.

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