How to Attract Blog Followers

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Business, Computers & Internet | 0 comments

You might have the most poignant and interesting content there is; but if you have no one reading your blog posts, it’s all for naught.

1. Post Your Content on Social Media

This marks the most important point of advice I can proffer. Work all social media avenues available making sure your headlines are drawing and catchy. Subjects that are controversial and cause potential readers to ponder serve as perfect ‘Click bait’.

2. Use Arresting and Engaging Titles

In the world of blogging the cover is presumed to tell much of the story. The title is the reader’s first point of interaction with your work; you will either gain or lose a potential fan for life all dependent, on the title you opt for.

3. Optimize Your Content for SEO

No one ever flips onto page two on their search engine wondering what’s lurking behind there. You want your content to be as easily accessible as is possible by any potential viewer.

You can achieve this by;

  • Check content for keywords. 
  • Link your blog post to other articles within your own blog

4. Build relationships with other bloggers.

Relationships are indeed everything. Build symbiotic relationships; share links to blog posts by fellow bloggers and ensure they do the same for your blog. Getting guest bloggers to post on your blog also offers an opportunity for your blog to get shared by different audiences.

5. Make it easy to share your blog posts on social media.

Your reader should not have to tell their circle of friends about this new cutting voice they just read on some blog. 

  • Use social media sharing buttons
  • Have already written emails on the ready. This enables your readers spread the word of your good words on social media 

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