How to Create Your Own YouTube Channel

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Internet | 0 comments

A YouTube account might seem outlandish or unimportant at first thought, but it serves as an extension of social media – think Twitter, but substitute texts and emojis for video clips. Where do you think those cat videos come from?

1. Create a YouTube channel

  • Visit the YouTube website.
  • Click on the ‘sign in’ button on the home page
  • On the login page, click on ‘Create an account’
  • Log in with your Gmail details (username and password). If you don’t a Gmail account, create one.
  • Fill in the detail requirement form; email address, user name, gender and birth date and then accept.
  • Pass Google’s verification test by providing your phone number and typing in the verification message sent or keying in the verification code  

2. Furnish your YouTube page

Express your personal style; profile picture, account background – they should all be key pointers to your viewers on what your account is about. 

3. Add content.

This should communicate what your chosen facet of “YouTubing” will be: Farming, News, Gossip, Politics, ‘How To’ manuals, Cooking, Fashion, Sports, etc.

Make sure that this content is relatable, enjoyable and of high quality.

4. Make sure to upload regularly-keep your viewership engaged

Use catchy descriptions for your videos to get people intrigued and clicking. Also tag your videos with keywords that describe the content and can drive traffic to your blog.

It will not be a monetary windfall at first, but keep at it; as one does with anything, you’ll get better with sustained practice. Also, visit YouTubers with similar content and try to pick out best practices from them. 

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