Requirements for Driving an Uber Taxi

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Uber has been a contentious discussion point amongst Nairobians, and to a smaller degree across various parts of Kenya. Though some argue it is an unwarranted disruptive service that will put Kenyan taxi drivers out of business,increasingly, it seems inevitable that it will establish a significant footprint in the Kenyan transport business.

Here are the requirements for being an Uber driver in Kenya:

  1. Own or be under the employ of an Uber partner and drive under Uber’s platform.You must drive a vehicle that is either a four-door car, truck or minivan.
  2. Manual transmission accepted.
  3. Must be 21 years of age or older
  4. You must pass a background check.
  5. Must have insurance for the vehicle used.
  6. Have a minimum of three years driving experience.
  7. Your vehicle must be fit to pass an inspection from Uber.
  8. Clean driving record.
  9. A car purchased in 2000 or earlier.

You are not able to drive for Uber:

  1. With a full-size van
  2. Taxis and other marked vehicles.
  3. Salvaged vehicles are not allowed.

Specific Uber requirements for various driving classes:


  1. Minimum Age 21
  2. Pay Application Fee
  3. Pass Background Check
  4. Get Fingerprinted


  1. Minimum Age 22
  2. Pass Background Check
  3. 3 week training program


  1. Minimum Age 21
  2. Commercial license
  3. Pass physical test
  4. Private Truck Driving School or 3-6 Month Truck Driving Course


  1. Pass Physical
  2. Ability to operate a manual transmission
  3. Commercial License


  1. Ability to lift 75 pounds
  2. High school diploma

*Different Taxi owners have their own tailored driver requirements that vary from those of Uber

For those looking to start their own Uber taxi business, here is a detailed description on how to go about it; How to Start an Uber Taxi Business

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