Cheap Basic Stain Removal Tips

by | May 13, 2016 | General Knowledge | 0 comments

The easiest thing to do when your favorite item of clothing has a stain is to replace it with a new one. But you could save yourself the money and time by using these simple stain removal tips that will only cost a fraction of the cost of replacement.

These tips only require a few easy to obtain household care items:

  1. Blood – Soak in cold water mixed with two tablespoons of salt.
  2. Chocolate – Rinse from the reverse side with cold water. Rub in some liquid dish washing soap such as Morning Fresh, Ushindi or your preferred brand, and leave to sit for 5 minutes, then soak for 15 minutes in cold water.
  3. Coffee – Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar with two cups of water and apply to the stain with a sponge.
  4. Crayon – Sprinkle baking soda onto the crayon marks and rub with a cloth
  5. Ink (Ballpoint) – Dab a little non-gel toothpaste such as Colgate or Aquafresh over the affected area and rub gently. Wash off with soap. Repeat if necessary
  6. Ink (Dry Erase Marker) – Rub stain with dish washing liquid and a damp cloth, before washing with detergent.
  7. Grass – Pre-treat the stain with white vinegar or dish washing liquid.
  8. Mud – Allow the mud to dry completely. Remove as much mud as you can then rub dish washing liquid into the area with a damp cloth.
  9. Grease – Sprinkle baking soda on the stain to soak up excess grease. Rb the stain with liquid dish soap and wash in the hottest water suitable for the garment.
  10. Red wine – Sprinkle salt on the area to absorb as much as the satin as possible rinse from the reverse side of the stain with boiling water and wash immediately.
  11. Perspiration – Create  a paste with baking soda and water. Apply to the stain and leave it to sit for an hour.
  12. Rust – Squeeze lemon juice onto the stain and sprinkle with salt. Allow garment to bleach naturally in the sun.
  13. Sauce – Apply white vinegar directly onto the stain and wash immediately. Sunlight will also bleach stubborn stains
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