Nairobi Crime Hotspots

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These are the crime hotspots in Nairobi according to the Kenya Police.

  1. City Cotton between Wilson Airport and South C. Prone to murder and mugging.
  2. Near Oilibya Petrol Station in Mathare Slum area. Prone to mugging and murder crimes.
  3. Congo area near Kawangware. Prone to drug trafficking, rape and mugging.
  4. Kware in Rongai, Kajiado. Prone to mugging crimes.
  5. Noonkopir (Daraja next to Saitoti Hospital) in Kitengela. Prone to carjacking and robbery.
  6. Changombe slums in Kitengela. Prone to drug trafficking and rape.
  7. Kiwanja ya punda (around Migoni House just before flats area) in Kiserian. Prone to rape and murder crimes.
  8. Around Kiserian Primary. Prone to carjacking and murder.
  9. Kisaju road stretch in Isinya. Prone to carjacking and rape crimes.
  10. Kichinjio area in Isinya. Prone to murder and rape.
  11. Kiandutu area in Thika. Prone to assaults, break-ins, arson and drug trafficking crimes.
  12. Mangu flyover in Thika. Prone to robbery and mugging.

  13. Railway line area (Junction of the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and the stretch to Kikuyu town). Prone to rape,murder and carjacking.
  14. Across Patel bridge in Kikuyu. Prone to murder crimes.
  15. Kiandutu slums in Kikuyu. Prone to robbery and rape.
  16. Mashimoni (Marimari) road in Kiambu.Prone to carjacking, robbery and mugging.
  17. Limuru road stretch between the town and the Nakuru Highway. Prone to carjacking and mugging.
  18. Kisumu Ndogo area in Athi River.Prone to murder crimes and mugging.
  19. Kosovo in Athi River. Prone to robbery and mugging.
  20. Behind Muli block in Mlolongo. Prone to rape and mugging crimes.
  21. Madharau Street in Mlolongo. Prone to rape and robbery.
  22. Near Silanga dam in Mlolongo. Prone to murder and assault.
  23. Around Ngwata area in Mlolongo. Prone to bodaboda crime.
  24. Kona Mbaya in Ruai. Prone to mugging and rape.
  25. Sewage area along Maji Mazuri road, Ruai. Prone to murder and rape.


Kenya Police 

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