Tourist Attractions in Nakuru County

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The County of Nakuru features a large number of tourist attractions. From its national parks to its world famous lakes, there is a lot to see.

The tourist attractions in Nakuru County include:

Lake Nakuru National Park

The Lake Nakuru National Park is about 4 kilometers from Nakuru town and is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations. The park’s ecosystem, includes Lake Nakuru and the surrounding grasslands supporting over 50 species of mammals including the endangered white rhino and over 450 species of birds including flamingos which bedeck the lake in dazzling array of pink.

Lake Naivasha

Sijuated a few kilometers from Naivasha town, Lake Naivasha has a large number of wildlife. The main species include buffalo, giraffes and hippos. There are also over 350 species of birds.

Hell’s Gate National Park 

Hell’s Gate National Park is right next to Lake Naivasha, and is an excellent location for rock climbing and biking. The park has a thriving population of wildlife that includes cheetahs, leopards and lions.

Menengai Crater

The almost 2,500 meter high Menengai Crater, is situated 10 kilometers north of Nakuru. It covers and area of 90 square kilometers and is the world’s second largest surviving volcanic crater.

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