How To Register and Use #mVisa

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On 13th July 2017, Visa in Kenya announced free mobile money transfer through mVisa. mVisa is a simple, secure and cost-free way to make mobile payments.

Key Highlights of mVisa

  1. You access money from your bank account on your mobile phone.
  2. Payments come directly from your bank account and are secured by your bank and Visa Card.
  3. There are no transaction costs when making an mVisa payment.
  4. The concept has been made possible through Visa’s alliance with partner banks in Kenya.
  5. Merchants do not have to invest in expensive point of sale (POS) infrastructure as mVisa gives them the freedom to accept bank to bank payments.
  6. You no longer need to wait for your cash to move to mobile money then wait to read the paybill number to sort out your bills.

Registering on mVisa

  1. Register for mobile banking with your bank. Your bank must be a partner bank. 
  2. Download your bank’s mobile banking app or upgrade your existing mobile banking app.
  3. Open the app or access your bank’s USSD platform and select mVisa.
  4. Set an mPIN, if required.
  5. Select your desired Visa card and link it

Using mVisa

  1. Open your mobile banking app.
  2. Select mVisa.
  3. Scan the merchant QR code
  4. Enter amount if required. Or, in case you are paying a bill, the amount you owe may automatically appear.
  5. Confirm payment.
  6. Receive payment confirmation
  7. For USSD, simply access your bank’s USSD platform, enter merchant ID, amount and make payment.


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