How To Get Someone’s Gmail Password Without The User Knowing

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Let’s me begin by dispensing off with why you would want to get someone’s Gmail password in the first place. Well, there are a number of valid reasons that would make you want to get someone’s Gmail password. These include:

  • Child monitoring – most people seeking information on how to get someone’s Gmail password happen to be parents. They will usually be concerned with the online activities of their children and will want to have a means to know who their children are interacting with via email. As you know, there are all sorts of crooks, kooks, and perverts online. Anytime your child goes online, they run the risk of interacting with human traffickers, child molesters and other kinds of criminals. So, where children are concerned there is no such thing as being too paranoid. It isn’t surprising that most Internet searches for the terms “how to get Gmail password”, “how to get someone’s Gmail password” and “how to get someones Gmail password without resetting” are conducted by parents. 
  • Spouses – the second category of people that want access someone’s Gmail account are spouses. Spousal infidelity is on the rise. A recent study conducted in the US revealed that in over a third of marriages, one or both spouses admitted to infidelity. Another study in the UK reveals that almost half of UK males admit to having been unfaithful at least once. Clearly, married people have a reason to worry about their spouse’s late nights at the computer. 
  • Employers – employers also worry about the online activities of their employees. They worry about corporate espionage and whether the employee is stealing from them. One of the ways to find out what their employees are up to, the legality notwithstanding, is to get access to their Gmail accounts and see who they’ve been communicating with. 

Methods to Hack a Gmail Account

There are numerous methods one can use to get a Gmail password. Here, I will highlight some of the most popular and effective.

How To Get a Gmail Password With The Phishing Method

Phishing is a technique where the hacker masquerades as the real thing. For example, the hacker creates a page that looks and feels like the Gmail login page and through some nifty coding, makes it present itself in the browser once the computer user type’s in the URL “”. The user then enters their Gmail username and password. But, upon clicking “Enter” the login credentials are immediately sent clandestinely to the hacker. The user then gets an error message such as “please check your Internet connection” and is then redirected to the correct login page to avoid suspicion.

How To Get a Gmail Password Using a Keylogger

A keylogger is a computer program logs the keystrokes typed on the keyboard and sends them to a remote server or stores them in a local file which can later be retrieved by the hacker. Once a keylogger is installed on the target computer, all attacker needs to do is check the logs to identify the Gmail username and password.

How To Get a Gmail Password Via Social Engineering

Social engineering is a euphemism for identity theft. It involves getting access to personal information which can then be used to reset a Gmail account. Unless a Gmail account has extra security features setup such as 2-step verification and phone notifications, all you would normally need to do to reset the password is answer a number of security questions. These security questions include questions like “what was the make of your first car?” and “where did you go for your honeymoon?” These are intensely personal. But, finding out this information about someone can potentially give you the means to reset their Gmail account password.

How to Get a Gmail Password Using a Browser Extension Gmail Hacker

A browser extension Gmail hack is a technique where a legitimate browser extension is compromised and the capability to “sniff” keystrokes is introduced. The most common way to achieve this is to gain access to a developer’s computer and then access the extension/addon files. Once you get into the extension files, you only need to introduce the code, update the extension and push it out to users. Many Chrome extensions have been hacked this way in the recent past with users being duped into handing over their Gmail passwords. Examples of such extensions include Chrome’s Web Developer and CopyFish.

How To Get a Gmail Password by Hacking Other Sites

It is also possible to find out someone’s Gmail password by getting access to another site where the target has an account. It is a fact that most people use the same password across many different sites. So, if Facebook is easier to get into, then it is likely that the Facebook password is also the Gmail password.

How To Get a Gmail Password with a Spy Application

Unfortunately, with the exception of social engineering, all the methods mentioned above are quite technical in nature. Unless you have a technical background or are a tech enthusiast, you may find the learning curve too steep for your liking. In such a case, I recommend using a spy application that can be installed on a target’s phone. FlexiSPY is one such app. Once installed on the target phone, it secretly logs not just Gmail emails, but text messages, social media messages, phone calls, photos, GPS location and much more. The app is completely hidden from the interface and completely undetectable by the user. These logs and uploaded to a remote server which can be accessed by the account owner from any other computer or phone. Installation is a simple five-minute process and you are good to go. FlexiSPY is compatible with both Android and iPhone.


Intercepting personal communications is illegal in Kenya and many other jurisdictions. The content provided above is for informational purposes only AND NOT an endorsement of criminal activity.

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