Loan Apps Without CRB Check

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Are you looking for loan apps without a CRB Check? According to a Technical Working Group engaged by the Central Bank of Kenya, about 2.7 million Kenyans have been listed by CRBs. Many of these people have been listed for ridiculous reasons such as defaulting on loans less than 200 shillings. As a result, a few lenders have realized that some of the information held by CRBs may not be accurate in helping them make a lending decision.

There a no loan apps without CRB check yet but there is an institution that is willing to advance salary and business loans despite an adverse CRB listing and within 24 hours. The specific terms of the loan are as follows:

Business LoansSalary Advance
Interest5.5% per month5.5% to 7.5% per month
Term12 months12 months
SecurityVehicle log book or title deed.

A guarantor can also provide security.

Unsecured if earning over 500,000 and vehicle logbook or title deed for all others.

A guarantor can also provide security. 

Min and MaxMin: 100,000

Max: 5 Million

Min: 100,000

Max: 5 Million

Other termsBusiness must over 12 months oldRegular salary
Disbursement period24 hours24 hours

So, while there may not be any loan apps without a CRB check, you can still get a quick loan within 24 hours. These loans are ideal where you have an urgent need for cash but do not have the time to seek conventional finance.

For more information on how to access the above loan, please fill the appropriate form below and wait for a response.

Business Loan Application

Salary Loan Application

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